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ASTM Level 2, Medical Mask, 3-PLY, Procedure, Earloop, Disposable, Case of 10 x 50pcs

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ASTM Level 2, Medical Mask, 3-PLY, Procedure, Earloop, Disposable, Case of 10 x 50pcs, (500 masks in total)

Maple Cross ASTM Level 2 medical mask is a 3 layer design that uses non woven inner and outer layers and a central melt blown fabric layer for optimal filtration performance plus gentle nylon and spandex ear loops for extra comfort during prolonged periods of wear. The materials used are skin-friendly and breathable and is as soft as intimate clothing keeping you comfortable at all time. These masks are also known as procedure or isolation masks. ASTM Level 2 medical masks are ideal for dental and medical procedures involving low to moderate levels of aerosols, spray, and or fluids. These masks are intended for use outside of the operating room and is suitable for party, gathering, parade, travel, meeting, shopping, outdoor, home, office, school, supermarket, park and etc. There are 50 disposable face masks in a box and is convenient to carry and wear.

• ASTM Level 2 White procedural face mask with earloop and moldable aluminum nose clip, medical grade, tested by Nelson Labs in the USA.

• Breathable, soft and comfortable 3 layer pleated mask has folds that expand to offer full coverage over nose and mouth.

• Made with meltblown fabric inner layer, designed for medical use.

• Quantity: 500 pieces of disposable face masks per box to completely meet your family, staff and friends' demands.

Other Information:

• Health Canada Medical Device Establishment License Number: 13982

• Technical Data Sheet: View

• Manufacturer Test & Certifications: View

• Made in Hong Kong