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80% Ethanol Hand Sanitizer (Solution) - Case of 15 x 500mL

SKU 627987355932

80% Ethanol Hand Sanitizers (Solution) - Case of 15 x 500mL 

Formulated according to the World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations, our Hand Sanitizers promote effective hand hygiene and infection prevention in convenient and easy-to-use dispensing options that don’t require water or towel.

Contains 80% v/v Ethanol formula designed prevent infection and protect against cross contamination.

 Ready-to-use, rinse-free sanitizing solution in three different size pump bottle for convenient, one-handed application with no water or towels needed.

 Each bottle comes with its own pump.

• Unscented, fragrance free.

Other Information:

• Health Canada NPN: 80099390

 FDA NDC: 77216-000-01

 Safety Data Sheet: View

 Other ingredients: Water(Aqua), Hydrogen Peroxide, Glycerin and Denatonium benzoate. 

• Made with USP food grade alcohol and does not contain technical or industrial alcohol.

• Quality assured and free from mercury, methanol, and ethyl acetate.

Please note: This is a solution based formulation and its not Gel.