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About Us

Your trusted hand sanitizer wholesale partner.

Our Story

Maple Cross Health was founded by the entrepreneurs behind Knit People—an online payroll solution that serves over a thousand small businesses across Canada including hundreds of pharmacies, medical offices, and medical professionals.

In early 2020, Elliot while travelling in Hong Kong and China witnessed the devastating effects of the coronavirus and how it depleted the local supply of hand sanitizer and personal protective equipment. With little protection against the spread of the virus, residents and medical professionals alike were unable to safely navigate day to day life.

Knowing our own clients were beginning to face similar shortages in Canada, we knew we needed to act. We established Maple Cross as a way to bridge the precarious gap between supply and demand.

Today, Maple Cross is a trusted hand sanitizer wholesale partner to pharmacies and other medical professionals across North America. Our commitment is to provide high-quality wholesale products that are safe for families, safe for the environment, and free of harmful chemicals.

What We Believe

We believe that no one should have to risk their health and safety just to go about their daily life. Since day one, Maple Cross has been committed to providing more people with access to safe, effective supplies when they need it the most—whether that’s during a global pandemic or during flu season.

At the end of the day, we know that keeping you and your family healthy makes our communities safer for everyone.